The perfect team:

Experience And Heart

Tracy Gary

Tracy Gary has 40 years experience working with thousands of inheritors on their values and priorities. She was the founder of four nonprofit programs that have worked with inheritors and those with earned wealth: Managing Inherited Wealth, Resourceful Women, The Women Donors Network and Inspired Legacies. She has been an advisor to the CAP program at the American College. She has started 23 nonprofits, and spent decades helping wealthy people and community-based organizations align their money issues with their values and hopes for humanity.

“My greatest joy is working to support inheritors and those with windfalls to enjoy their lives and to share their resourcefulness with gusto and clear intention.”

Louis Wellmeier

Louis Wellmeier has 15 years of personal experience with a holistic and emotionally-based approach to wealth, inheritance, family governance and legacy creation. He has 10 years of professional experience in the inheritance planning industry as an attorney, a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, a trust advisor and a private inheritance consultant. His work interconnects many fields and disciplines, including estate planning, long-term financial planning and philanthropy planning.

“My mission is to improve communication and understanding between families members who find themselves in confusion or disagreement about the best way to manage their wealth and philanthropy.”


Building A Legacy

Tracy and Louis are part of a large web of inheritors and advisors who are transforming the relationship that people have with wealth, investing, philanthropy, families, organizations and social issues. Over the past decades remarkable people in these networks have helped shape each other’s knowledge, insight, strategies and values.

Their personal experiences as inheritors and earners, shapes their collaborative, non-sales, approach.