Our Mission

Inspired Legacies’ mission is to offer practical wisdom, clarity and greater peace of mind to people who seek to thoughtfully manage their inherited or earned wealth, and who seek to make wise decisions regarding their money, their relationships, their legacies and their lives.

Why We Exist

“We founded Inspired Legacies because we believe that people deserve maximum transparency and empowerment in matters as personal, exciting, crucial, and overwhelming as inheritance, legacy planning and many other personal aspects of wealth.

We believe that the most reliable resource for navigating the complexities of the wealth journey are others who have experienced those very personal challenges and feelings. As inheritors and wealth creators, we have lived the gamut of concerns, hopes, feelings of isolation, mistrust, confusion, fears and dreams that many wealthy people know so well. We are here to create a community of peers and enable them to gain wisdom from each other.”

                                                                                                   - Tracy Gary and Louis Wellmeier

What We Do

We are a unique social network for people with wealth.  In addition to creating and managing a world-wide social network of people with shared inheritance experiences, we provide coaching and accompaniment through phone, email and in-person meetings with individuals, couples and families. We work with the wealthy and their advisors.

Our podcasts, which are by and for inheritors and trusted advisors, introduce listeners to a learning community of peers discussing a wide range of challenging issues that people face at every stage throughout the wealth journey. 

We meet with advisors and their clients to help demystify the emotional, technical and intimidating facets of wealth and inheritance so clients can make well-informed decisions based on what deeply matters to them.

Our Programs, Products and Services

• Inheritor Podcasts  (free to inheritors and the public)

• Inspired Legacies social network (available to inheritors only)   

• Convening inheritors (free to inheritors on-line, moderate fees in-person)

• Webinars for inheritors (free to inheritors)

• Webinars for advisors (free to advisors)

• One-on-one coaching by phone or in person (fee-based)

• Assessments of needs, and review of financial and legacy plans

• Coaching couples and families & next generation on money & giving

• Philanthropic and legacy advising re creative options & social impact

• Giving analysis and reviews of financial plans

• Referral to advisors (upon request of inheritors, free, 3 referrals each)  

• Nonprofit board leadership coaching

• Advisor and nonprofit leader coaching

• Corporate and retired corporate donor coaching     

• Family philanthropy advising

• Family meeting planning and facilitation

• Media, writing and phone consultations

• Family giving interviews, and written profiles (a great gift to your family)

• Keynotes, workshops and trainings

• Attending meetings with advisors and inheritors or families

Please find our fee schedule here:  


Let us know your unique interests and needs. We are flexible in how we design our work and what we do with you and your family, if applicable. 

Please feel free to reach us through the CONTACT US page. 

We look forward to hearing your story and supporting you to have community and resources for your journey.