Inspired Legacies’ mission is to offer clarity and greater peace of mind to people who want to manage their inherited or earned wealth, and seek to deal successfully with the complex decisions they face about their money, their relationships, their legacies and their lives.

“We founded Inspired Legacies because we believe that people deserve maximum transparency and empowerment in matters as personal, exciting, crucial, and overwhelming as inheritance, legacy planning and many other personal aspects of wealth.
We believe that the most reliable resource for navigating the complexities of the wealth journey is someone who has been through those challenges and feelings. As inheritors and wealth creators, we have experienced the gamut of concerns, hopes, feelings of isolation, mistrust, confusion, fears and dreams that many wealthy people know so well. We are here to serve our community of peers and enable them to gain wisdom from each other.”

                                           - Tracy Gary and Louis Wellmeier

What We do

We are a unique social network for people with wealth.  We provides coaching and accompaniment through phone, email and in-person meetings with individuals, couples and families. We also work with the wealthy and their advisors. Our podcasts by and for inheritors will introduce you to a learning community of peers discussing a wide range of issues that people face at every stage of the wealth journey. 

Wemeet with advisors and their clients to help demystify the emotional, technical and intimidating concepts of wealth and inheritance so clients can make well-informed decisions based on what deeply matters to them. 

"For an advisor, it is frustrating to spend days or months creating an excellent plan for clients that never gets implemented, because the family is caught in its own complex dynamics. As advisors we are not trained or compensated to address these family communications issues. Tracy is not only an inspirational figure, and a role model for heirs, but also delivers solid training points that financial people, and their multi-generational families can use immediately in helping families work through their issues and move forward with their planning. She and Louis are addressing an important need."

~ Philip Cubeta CAP, ChFC, MSFS, CLU,
The Sallie B. and William Wallace Chair in Philanthropy,
The American College

Products and Services

Inheritor Podcasts      

                             Convening inheritors

                  Webinaires for inheritors

                  Webinares for advisors

                  One on one coaching by phone or in person

                  Assessments of needs

                  Coaching couples and families & next gen on money & giving

                  Philanthropic and legacy advising re creative options & social impact

                  Giving analysis (CUT IF NO ROOM)

                  Referrals to advisors

                  Nonprofit board leadership coaching

                  Advisor and nonprofit leader coaching

                  Corporate and retired corporate donor coaching     

                  Family philanthropy advising

                  Family meeting planning and facilitation

                  Media, writing and phone consultations

                  Keynote, workshops and trainings

                  Attending meetings with advisors and inheritors