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If I couldn't leave any assets to my family in an inheritance, how can I apply my wealth in a meaningful way to provide them the tools & skills necessary to become self-sufficient?  I don't want my wealth to support them.  I want it to support the family's multigenerational legacy. 


My children are financially dependent on me.  Are there resources available to transition "entitled" family members into "self-empowered" ones? 


The person controlling the family's wealth uses it to control family members.  What can we do to show him/her how this strategy will affect family members over the long term?


My new stepmom is much younger than my wealthy father, and I'm concerned that she sees him as a meal ticket for she and her own children.  I don't want to alienate her or my father, but I'm very concerned that she will manipulate him into transferring the inheritance set aside for me and my siblings to she and her own children.  


As a successful businessperson, I'm worried about how the global debt crisis will affect my family when I'm not around.  I want to do whatever I can to provide them a financial "safety net" or even create their own private retirement plan that will protect them from needing to work at WalMart after their retirement.  


While our family has been incredibly lucky to inherit a large amount of wealth, I've had no idea how to help our children realize just how unrealistic their reasonable view of the world is.  I don't want to be a hypocrite, but as their parents and inheritors, we haven't had to work very hard, to achieve a very comfortable lifestyle.  What services are available to guide us to reboot the message we're communicating to our children about what it takes to succeed?  


My family equates spending money with feeling better.  


My family has lots of opportunistic friends.  What can I do to find healthy relationships? 


Family members seem to value my checkbook over my personality, and I don't know how to transition out of the primary role of financial provider.


My children are surrounded by wealthy children who feed their entitled view of the world and unrealistic expectations.  How can I help them recognize their entitlement and the dangers of living with such unrealistic expectations? 








Financial Education for the Next Generation

What is unique about our family, and what values do we want to pass to future generations?

What skills, philosophies, morals, values do we want to share with future generations? 

Prenuptial Agreements 

Encouraging next gens to pursue their dreams

Inheritance planning that punishes competition and rewards collaboration among inheritors



Introducing the Next Generation to delayed gratification.

Helping Children Discover their purpose, confidence and a sense of accomplishment

Helping Others Become Financially and Emotionally Self-Sufficient

Does your family believe "wealth" = financial assets, or "wealth" = family relationships + financial assets? 

Money doesn't buy Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth - yet these are essential to helping family members love themselves and develop meaningful relationships with others. 

What's keeping you from communicating your estate plan to your family? 

I don't have confidence or trust in my family's ability to manage inherited wealth, and am concerned about how it will affect their relationships with each other.  

How can we "reboot" our family's dysfunctional past, and create a new sense of family unity/collaboration/trust?  (Illustrate the importance of our family's cohesion by honestly and directly taking on difficult and uncomfortable topics that have separated us from each other.)