A Project of Inspired Legacies for inheritors and people with earned wealth

36 podcasts, over 3 years      Offered online, free through Inspired

Sample Topics

 I. Beginning the Inheritor Journey (8 podcasts)

·       So You Have Just Inherited – Congratulations! Now What?

·       Identity and Self Esteem: Who are you now? And what’s up?

·       Inheriting in your 20's

·       Inheriting or Windfall in your 50's or 60’s

·       Money and Inheritor Basics for Kids

·       Wisdom about inheriting, and facts and figures

·       The Ten Questions that most inheritors have

·       Family meetings: What is Your Role in Benefiting From or Governing Family Wealth? How will you Organize or Participate in Family Meetings?


II. Getting Organized(7 podcasts)

·       After the inheritance: Getting Clarity and Getting Organized

·       The Roles of Financial Advisor to Families of Wealth

·       How Do your Advisors interact with your Parent’s Advisors? With Trustees?

·       Choosing and Managing Your Financial Professionals

·       Preparing for Your First Meeting with an Advisor: What to think about first and what to bring with you

·       Will your money last? Facing feelings

·       Living within a Budget


III. Money and Relationships (11 podcasts)

·       Money and Family

·       Money and Friends (how much should I share?)

·       Celebrating progress and passages together

·       Siblings: Managing Family Transitions with Respect

·       Couples: Managing Differences and Family Issues with Respect

·       Parents and Choosing Fiduciaries/Trust vs. Trusts

·       Speaking about the Inevitable: Death and The Next Chapter

·       Passing on Lessons Learned to the Next Generation

·       Divorce and Money

·       Marriage and Money: Prenuptial dialogues and agreements

·       Planning for death or illness and your living legacy with your family/friends

·       Loaning Money: How to do it well or how to choose not to


IV. Managing Wealth (10 podcasts)

·       Learning the Basics, Finance 101 and 201

·       Making Money and Feeling Self-Sufficient

·       Getting clear on values and goals and aligning them in investing and giving

·       Negotiating Fees, Wealth Management and Banking Relationships

·       Planning Basics, Advisor Excellence and Market Dynamics

·       Options for Choosing and Managing Your Team: From Personal Assistants to Wealth & Philanthropic Advisors. (How to be a productive/effective team!)

·       Mobilizing your Assets with community investing and social impact investing

·       Taxes and Markets: What are the basics we need to know

·       Facing our Mortality: Insurance, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Powers