Tracy Gary's workbook on giving and legacy planning:   www.inspiredphilanthropy.org/

The New York Times Interviews Tracy: https://www.google.com/amp/mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/13/your-money/donor-womens-causes-teaches-other-inheritors.amp.html%3F0p19G%3De?client=safari

Unleashing Generosity: our partner, team website: for donors, nonprofits and donor networks:  www.unleashinggenerosity.org/

Karen Payne: Writer/Editor/Profiles of a donor's journey in philanthropy:


BOLDER GIVING: www.boldergiving.org/

Order Books By Givers about giving:  www.boldergiving.org/publications

Giving Communities-Partner with others:  www.givingcommunities.org/

More than Money Journals--How to deal with the emotional Issues
    that money raises: 

100 written stories of Bold Givers:  www.boldergiving.org/stories

Videos or audios of Bold Givers:  www.boldergiving.org/

On line archive of 50 or more Bold Givers and Q and A:    www.boldergiving.org/

21/64-Advise the Next Generationwww.2164.net/

Bread for the Journeywww.breadforthejourney.org/

The Women's Funding Networkwww.womensfundingnetwork.org/

The Lilly School of Philanthropy & The Women's Philanthropy Institutewww.philanthropy.iupui.edu/

CAP--Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy certificate program from the American College:  www.theamericancollege.edu/

Advisors in Philanthropy--Invite your advisor to join: www.advisorsinphilanthropy.org

Purposeful Planning Institute--Invite your advisor to join in a peer community:

The Women Donors Network:  www.womendonors.org/

Women Moving Millions--Give $1mm to women and girls nonprofits and join this learning community:  www.womenmovingmillions.org/

Indie Philanthropy.org --tools and models for collaborative giving:  www.indiephilanthropy.org

Kindle Project.org--innovative grantmaking:  www.kindleproject.org

The Pollination Project.org--Extraordinary seed (micro) grants $1000-$5000 for your giving portfolio:  www.pollinationproject.org

Flowfunding.org--Pass on the grant making honor! Inspired generosity model: www.flowfunding.org/

Rockefeller Advisors:  www.rockpa.org   www.roadmap.rockpa.org/guides/

Philanthropic Initiative:  www.tpi.org

Strategic Philanthropy:  www.stratphilanthropy.com

Common Council Foundation:  www.commoncounsel.org

Resource Generation (18-40 yr olds):  www.resourcegeneration.org/

Tides:  www.tides.org

Threshold Foundation:  www.thresholdfoundation.org

Generosity Gameplan: 

Learning to Give (K-12): www.learningtogive.org

Corporate Accountability International (shareholder activism & campaigns):   www.stopcorporateabuse.org/

Inequality.org (stats and campaigns on inequality):  www.inequality.org/author/chuck-collins/

United For a Fair Economy/Responsible Wealth:  www.faireconomy.org/responsible_wealth

Green Money Journal (reports on sustainable investing):  www.greenmoney.com

The Foundation Center:   www.givingforum.org/

The Council on Foundations:  www.cof.org/

National Committee For Responsive Philanthropy:  www.ncrp.org/

The Chronicle of Philanthropy:  www.philanthropy.com/

The Forum of Regional Grantmakers: www.givingforum.org/

The National Center for Family Philanthropy:  www.ncfp.org/

The Institute for Private Investors:  www.memberlink.net/

The National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers (for foundations):   www.nncg.org/about/

Global Fund for Women:  www.globalfundforwomen.org

Global Greengrants:  www.greengrants.org/

Community foundation locator:  www.cof.org/community-foundation-locator


Please email us your own best resources (not just your favorite nonprofits) and ideas through our CONTACT US form. We will periodically produce additional resource lists and make them available as our priorities and your interests and priorities permit.