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Inspired Legacies, as of July 31, 2013, has closed its door after a more than 30 year service,  first as Resourceful Women in the 1980's to 2004, then as Inspired Legacies. We have changed the form and the vehicle for continuing this important work.

The board of Inspired Legacies wishes to thank all who contributed to its bold experimentation, with success and through its challenges:  staff, volunteers, former board members, advisors, vendors, program partners, and the more than 300 donors who contributed over the final seven years of Inspired Legacies' efforts to grow more donor leadership in the US and abroad. 

A summary of our accomplishments and strategies is available for those requesting it.
Our resources and many of our connections and theories of change, have and will continued to be share.

Tracy Gary, our founder and Director, is now semi-retired and living in Northern CA. Many of the resources and intellectual property created by our teams at Inspired Legacies are being continued through Tracy's work with Karen Payne and the Triskeles Foundation, in the Unleashing Generosity project., www.triskeles.org/unleashinggenerosity

Most of Tracy's original work on creating a strategic giving and legacy can be found on 
her consulting sites, www.inspiredphilanthropy.org and www.wholeheartedphilanthropy.org.

Tracy may be reached at tracygary1@gmail.com.

Again our thanks.

The final board of Inspired Legacies
Jean Russell, Sam Woollard, and Heather Gee